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  • Quality Assurance

  • Quality Assurance

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    The best way to assure high performance information systems with complete functionality is to involve Quality Assurance from the start of a project. Thus, Solutia Consulting recommends that as the business analysts are developing project requirements, the quality assurance professionals should be developing test requirements to align with these. Besides eliminating the risk of late or inaccurate testing, this assures that business goals as well as system integrity will be met. Solutia QA professionals blend testing into the development plan by creating detailed requirements, developing test cases, preparing the test environment and analyzing results. 


    Ensuring Results with Sound Structure: The Solutia Difference


    Solutia’s quality assurance consultants are expert at developing plans to incorporate testing at key intervals during development. Steps we take include: 


     IT and QA assessments
     Process improvement and maturity
     Setting testing strategy 
     Managing tools and services
     Coordinating with development


    Relying on proven methodologies and tailored approaches, Solutia consultants guide and improve the maturity of the software development process. Besides driving out defects and shrinking support costs, they continually review the business requirements to align the new system with these.