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  • Bank Credit Scoring System
  • Rahr Malting
  • iPad Application
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  • Customer Service Division Pleased with Solutia Staffing
  • ISPA- Database Management
  • Solutia Time Entry System
  • Solutia Website
  • Agile Project Management and Development
  • .NET App for Customer Service Center
  • Custom Web Solution from 3rd-Party Vendor
  • Enabled Plus Integration
  • On-Demand Video Website
  • Ensuring Quality for Yearbook Website
  • Customer Service Mobile App
  • Solutia Gets Cabinet Company Out of The Closet
  • Rebuilding the Corporate Moving Company
  • Taking the Manual Out of Manuals
  • Solutia Builds Custom Integration with SalesForce.com
  • Solutia Gives Agile Wings to Airline
  • Bringing Investments Mobile
  • Securing Communications for Parts and Suppliers Company
  • Managing Medical Migrations
  • Solutia Integrates Acquisitions for RV Manufacturer
  • Solutia Keeps the Grain Growing
  • Solutia Builds "One Stop Shop" Retail Marketing Tool
  • Specialty Insurance Company Gets New App
  • Solutia Maintains Food Groupings
  • Solutia Helps Build Central Database for Tracking Physical Property
  • Designing Digital Insert for eRetail Company
  • Improving Customer Service with Fortune 100 Retailer
  • Can you hear me now?
  • Manufacturing Software Improvements
  • Retail Management System Strategic Roadmap
  • Risk That Sets Your Teeth On Edge
  • Leading Hiring Education
  • Sharing SharePoint
  • Turning Around Global Marketing Campaign
  • Custom Development for Credit Scoring Application
  • Custom Architecture Replaces SaaS
  • Solutia Secures Power for Energy Rebates
  • Streaming Education