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  • Packaged Solutions

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    The one constant in business is change. As your company develops new products and enters new markets, your system will need to change to keep up with the new business directions. Finding the right software or hardware for your needs can be a bewildering job.  Whether it's a Cloud system, Software as a Service, or On-Premise solution, our team can guide you through the many different options available to meet your business needs.


    Supporting Your Business Strategy: The Solutia Difference


    How do you accomplish so much with so little?  Enter Solutia Consultants. With a breadth of knowledge of packaged software and hardware solutions, we can help you find the right system to suit your needs in any industry. Our team will guide you to the solution that's right for you with the following process:


     Analysis of your current business system applications
     Functional requirements gathering
     Packaged solution evaluation and selection
     Vendor negotiation
     Implementation using proven methodologies
     Functional and technical support