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  • Mobile Development

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    In the rush to go mobile, some companies have sacrificed usability and accessible content for speed to market – a mistake that can send them back to the starting line.  Worse yet is the crash and burn that happens when a great idea doesn’t take off because an application was not properly planned and packaged for the mobile market.


    Distinguishing Your Mobile App:  The Solutia Difference


    We keep up with innovations and improvements in mobile app technology. Our team constantly monitors industry websites, blogs, and more to stay on top of their game.  While everyone is touting their ability to develop mobile applications, few can offer the depth of experience that is the Solutia difference:


     Developing mobile apps for over four years.
     Cross-platform development from iOS, to Android, to Windows.
     Games and packaging for the Android, Apple, and Amazon stores.
     Enterprise applications for industries from medical technology to finance, travel, and more


    We help you define the right mobile architecture. Whether you go with a native or hybrid app depends upon your objectives, budget, and future vision for the app.  Once we’ve determined your architecture, the Solutia team can implement your application using the technologies, tools, and languages that make the most sense.