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  • IT Assessments

  • IT Assessments

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    Whatever your motivations, one of the greatest results you'll get from an assessment will be the realignment of your information systems with your business goals.  Solutia can help you identify ways to meet your goals quickly and cost-effectively with the following services:


     Application and infrastructure reviews
     Process reviews
     Organizational reviews
     Writing and administering surveys
     Data analysis
     Reporting writing
     Presentations and recommendations
     Growth planning


    The Soft Skills:  The Solutia Difference

    By nature, assessments are disruptive.  They interrupt the status quo.  They make people nervous.  By recognizing this, Solutia Consultants ease the disconcerting feelings around assessments by communicating clearly and often to participants and management alike, preparing people for the disruptions and stressing the positive outcomes of the assessment.  We're available for questions throughout the process so that no feels isolated or threatened.  Typical outcomes from our assessments include:


     Redefining staff roles to capitalize on individual and departmental strengths.
     Streamlining processes to reduce frustrating delays and redundancies.
     Upgrading technology to eliminate repetitious or mundane work.


    Regardless of the size or composition of your project, Solutia IT Assessments can help you improve your performance and quality.