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    Software architecture, or solution architecture as it is becoming known, is a mixture of art and technology with no clear rules on the right way to build a system.  The technology portion is easy to understand-- years of expertise built on multiple platforms and languages.  But transforming that technology into a working design that accomplishes the goals of a system within the hardware and software constraints- that's a work of art.  At Solutia, our solution architects blend a combination of software development expertise along with business sense and an understanding of the targeted user experience to design your system.  We don't use a cookie-cutter approach.  Each design is project-specific, client-specific, and top-notch.


    Planning the -ilities:  The Solutia Difference


    Solutia software architects create a plan of moving you from where you are to where you want to be.  We look at your existing systems and your new functionalities to incorporate cross-compatibility across all of your platforms.  We examine the ililties of your requirements to build the system that you need and want, including:


     and more.

    Our architects work in multiple platforms and cutting edge technologies including Object-Oriented Designs (OODs), Mobile Technologies (such as iOS and Android), and Storage Solutions (such as SQL, NoSQL, and cloud storage).  Finding the right blend of technology to meet your business vision is the art of software architecture at Solutia.